Bottle Cap Bottle Opener Spinner

This is my entry into a competition on Reddit. It's a proof of concept of a flat bottle opener for a hand spinner. It's rather large and not very easily one-handed spun but it works. I wanted an asymmetric, functional item and I think I got it.

This is also the first spinner I have handled in person.


2.9" × 1.57" × .63" (74mm × 40mm × 16mm)
Load 1.3oz (37g). Net weight 1.65oz (47g).

Video of it spinning. It spins for around one minute.

I actually find myself spinning the caps more often than the opener.

Build log

$5 stainless steel bottle opener off Amazon, $5 ceramic 608 bearing from AliExpress.

Cut off extra metal with angle grinder.

Drill upwards towards a 22mm drill which cost almost as much as my drill press.

Balance it out with more grinding.

That guestimate pretty much did it.

Tried my hand at stonewashing. I think some of the rocks aren't smooth enough.

I redid the caps using plywood since the magnets would not bond well with steel washers. I might redo it again to simplify it further.