Dust Collector (not yet finished)

This is my take on Matthias Wandel's small dust collector. I aimed to make it portable and compact for storage since I do not have a workshop.

It turned out bulkier than I had imagined.

Approximate Specifications

80lbs (36kg), 19"W×15.5"D×33.5"H (49cm × 40cm × 85cm). 1 HP, 3600 RPM, <10Amps typ.

The motor sits on a box-joined shelf.

It is otherwise rather high-footprint once you flip down the filter box and attach the cyclone unit.

Still thinking of truncating the connector pipe to nearly form a compact U. Cut slits and a groove into the coupler flared end and use a key-twist hose-clamp to ease connection/disconnection.

Maybe later I could do away with the hinged design. Redo this as a vertical stack of cyclone on top of dustbox on top of filter/manifold box, that then stacks on top of the blower/motor base for storage. Raise the wheelbase a little and add a few casters.

Cyclone detail

I really wanted translucent buckets, but I could only find 3 ½ gallon ones.

I removed 4/8 locking tabs on the lid, might remove 2 more. I marked a line using a door and cut slots into the cyclone bucket via a Dremel and then and cut a gear-like hole into the lid in order to join the two pieces.

HDPE plastic becomes brittle with UV exposure if carbon black wasn't formulated into it. I think I'll have to store this component indoors unless I make a box to hold it outdoors.