Paracord Fids from Brass

A fid helps you weave paracord. The butt end is threaded to grip the melted end of some paracord.

I happened to have 1/4" (6mm) brass rod so I used that. These are roughly 4" (100mm) and weigh 0.8oz (23g) each. I see many fids at 3" (76mm) but I made these longer. I could shorten them later.

How to

  1. Saw to length.
  2. Chuck into drill press against 9/64" (3.6mm) bit in vise.
  3. Chuck into handheld power drill. Tap #10-24 threads.
  4. Chuck into drill press and set a fairly high speed.
  5. Flatten butt and chamfer using a bastard mill file.
  6. Reverse and file the point.
  7. Polish using a towel and Barkeeper's Friend (powdered oxalic acid).